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At Broadcast Wisdom®, to elevate character development, "Speaking for Virtue"® podcasts provide relaxing, easily accessible, and heartwarming contemplative audio; typified in recordings of early 20th century poetry and prose by authors such as Edgar Guest and Dr. Frank Crane. On the other hand, alternative to the easy accessibility of "Speaking for Virtue"® podcasts, we also offer college-level, highly concentrated audio edu-tainment; intended for repeatedly contemplating ultra-concise, comprehensive, and intensely focused exercises; geared for creative individuals to integrate The Art of Seeing for Global Conflict-resolution, into all aspects of human development (Mystical Humanism). Minus basic expenses for technical support, new programming, and administration, our mission is to share the greatest percentage of requested donations with select non-profit partners. Likewise, through The Institute for Contemplative Education and the mission at Motto Citizens LLC, donations for taking our college-level Perspectacles® Course 1, for "The Way to See (W)hole"® will be used to keep this course open, to those who are interested, but financially distressed. Through the comfort of audio for daily contemplation, if you or anyone you know is searching to grow in wisdom for home, work, friends, family, or the world, be inspired with sage insights, from Broadcast Wisdom®. With our overall mission in mind, your attention and generous donations are deeply appreciated.

To live in Peace, we must learn how to live. - The Institute for Contemplative Education: is a 501.3c non-profit educational corporation; founded in Maine, to empower individuals to think and live, to transform threats to sustainable human development at large. For leadership based on sage principles for character development, we support Gola Wolf Richards' approach to wisdom; whereby, contemplative self-cultivation is used as a primary tool; for engendering timely and integrated orientations to conflict-resolution. To facilitate such (W)hole® sage perspectives being contemplated on a regular basis, we collaborate with Motto Citizens LLC, for offerings on a free/donor-supported basis.


Wolf's spoken word recordings offer expansive insights, applicable to universal dynamics of human development. As elegant supports for enacting wisdom, each recording is a contemplative call to action.

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Wolf's spoken word recordings offer expansive insights, applicable to universal dynamics of human development. As elegant supports for enacting wisdom, each recording is a contemplative call to action.


Rev., Prof., Gola Wolfson Richards

B.A., Human Development Psych;

M.A., Theology, the Book of Changes; Phil. & Psych. of Sage Consciousness
Focus: Contemplative Self-Cultivation, for Global Conflict-resolution

Who am I, and What do I believe?

Primarily, my identity and function is in family life; where, within the context of the Earth as one community, my love is to generate conflict-resolution. To make timely adjustments in my decision-making as a family man, friend, neighbor, teacher, counselor, or YinYang philosopher, I am guided by compassion. At this critical time in history, as an educator, I reflect on stages of character development; whereby, from infancy to sage consciousness, infinitely powerful and unlimited principles of universal creativity are involved, in every influence we enact or are subject to experience. In this sense, consequent to universal creativity being an influence in every specific circumstance of life, my position regarding authentic wisdom is that: Whenever any individual genuinely acts in opposition to any stage of subjective or objective experiences of chaos, every manner of universal creativity is influenced (Mystical Humanism); to thereby manage and abate general influences of ignorance, as a (w)hole® . Moreover, it makes common sense to me that: Timely education for universal human development is key to self-cultivation; adequate enough for individuals, to mature the dynamics of world peace. Based on fundamental principles of perception and visionary powers of consciousness, as virtuous education is employed to magnify the spiritual forces in our personalities, a sustainable culture of peace is destined to grow; predicated on dynamics inherent in sage character development. Consequent to believing that: "Understanding the nature of Change, changes the nature of understanding"; I advise: "Never hold growth hostage to how you believe; but learn to believe, such that growth is insured." For leadership based on the contemplative text that I wrote and recorded as a central tool for global change, my faith is that: Once a critical mass of dialogues is reached based on contemplating The Way to See (W)hole®, the biggest revolution in evolution will be peace.

My career in Human Development extends more than four decades. In that time, I have lectured on Contemplative Education for Global Conflict-Resolution for Dartmouth College's Novela Symposium, Duke University Graduate School for Environmental Engineering, The University of Maine's first International Peace Conference, the G.G. Jung Society at Bowdoin College, Education for Peace at the University of Montana in Missoula, the Maine faculty of "Religion and the Challenge of America", and host of the "Speaking for Virtue®" radio broadcast, from the University of Southern Maine; featuring early 20th century poetry and prose by authors such as Dr. Frank Crane, and Edgar Guest.

-Robert E. Lane, Prof. Emeritus of Political Science, Yale University: "I have known Wolf Richards for more than 40 years, and have always been impressed by his skill and wisdom in interpersonal relations. He has an intuitive understanding of other people's feelings and of their efforts to cope with the problems that confront them. In my opinion Mr. Richards' grasp of Confucian principles will give depth to his approach to conflict resolution. He is an excellent speaker and a fine person."

-H. Steven Coopchick: "I became particularly aware of the value of Wolf's philosophy when I was the Director of Personnel of the Division of Special Education of the New York City Board of Education. At that time (1983-1987) the Division employed 20,000 staff (10,000 of whom were teachers) serving 114,000 students. The stress the other major managers and I experienced, often on a daily basis, was sometimes nearly unbearable. However, I was able not only to survive, but to succeed by any measure, with the support I experienced from Wolf's philosophic precepts."

-Tabitha King, author and wife of author Steven King: "Dear Wolf, First, let me thank you for letting me see your manuscript [The Way to See (W)hole®]. I know from speaking with you how dear this project is to your heart... The manuscript is heartfelt and mindful. I very much enjoyed your word play, which lightens what could be turgid. The message is coherent and seamless... It has been a pleasure to meet and converse with you, and a pleasure to encounter your good and poetic soul in its strivings... I wish you the greatest success with this project."

Christopher M. Hunt, M.D., *C.E.O. Motto Citizens, LLC

As a young man stressed and torn between studying medicine and playing drums, balance was always subject to discord, and "wellness" always required adjusting the interplay of passion and reasoning. And, in the marriage of passion to reasoning, I learned that how well we learn to listen strongly influences the quality of what we learn. Consistent with that then, the quality of how we "listen to life" has the capacity to integrate or disintegrate our relations to the Earth community as a whole. Consequently, since one of my chief prescriptions for health concerns careful listening to promote quality change, Motto Citizens LLC developed from many years of friendship and discussions with Wolf Richards about promoting health, through audio contemplation. As a modern physician and socially conscious philanthropist at a time when chaos is spreading around the world, I think of myself as a counterpart to ancient physicians who used the beat of the drum to induce change. Now, to the beat of Spoken Word for Global Conflict-resolution, at Motto Citizens LLC, careful listening amplifies reasoning, for humanity to learn to heal.

Christopher M. Hunt:

Board of Directors, Roy A. Hunt Foundation

B.A., Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

M.D., Duke University School of Medicine

Graduate Research, University of Pennsylvania, Institute for Environmental Medicine

Internship and Residency in Family Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina

Postgraduate Studies in Alternative Medicine, Yoga, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Meditation, Stress Management, Death and Dying, Philosophy of Change, and Jungian Psychology

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